Canon EOS C700 PL Cinema Camcorder Body – PL Lens Mount

$28,000.00 (as of September 20, 2017, 12:41 pm)

Canon EOS C700 Body – Handle Unit – Body Cap – Adapter Base of Tripods – Base Feet (4)- WFT Attachment – Mic Holder – Measuring Hook (2) – Codex Recorder Reinforcing Plate – Cable Clamp Base – Allen Key – Button Battery – Canon 1 Year Warranty
4K 60P/50P: 4K image quality carries data that gives it four times the density and resolution of full HD. The C700 adds support for 60P/50P, enabling visual expression that was previously difficult to achieve in scenes with motion or moving subjects, offering clarity and sharpness without dropping frames.
High Frame Rate Support: 2K/120P 2K (CROP)/240P : One of our most requested features is support for high-speed shooting. The C700 allows detailed settings from 1fps to a maximum of 240fps (2K crop) to generate even greater emotion and excitement in visual expression.

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